Home-to-Home Adoption Program: Foxtail

Blossoming into a lovable social butterfly, Foxtail was trapped as a stray for a TNVR program; but her young age and sweet temperament make her a great candidate for living the house-cat life! Growing more affectionate by the day, Foxtail shows her love for chin scratches with giant purrs of delight.  She is also a big fan of evening play sessions with a wand or laser pointer.  She likes exploring her foster home’s space — especially at night when she climbs cat trees and perches on windowsills in the moonlight. Still acclimating to life indoors, “Foxy” will require patient caregivers who will help her emerge from her shell and embrace the pampered lifestyle she is meant to have!

If interested, please contact the owner to request an adoption application which is separate from the Animal Friends application.

Owner contact: Lindsay at 412.512.5098 or lwoge@yahoo.com


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