Home-to-Home Adoption Program: Hailey

Hailey is 2-3 years old and looking for her forever home. We don’t know what breed she is, just mixed. She is crate-trained, house-trained, up-to-date on vaccinations, and spayed, but is still working on meeting new people calmly (just gets excited, not aggressive). We took Hailey in from a family who couldn’t keep her and have given her a comfortable and loving (but temporary) home, as we are not in a position to care full-time for a dog. We are trying to find her a home where she will get lots of love and affection. Hailey is very smart and loves to learn new things. She loves to go on walks, to dog parks, and play dates with dogs in our neighborhood and gets along well with our cat. She loves her toys, to play catch, loves dog puzzles of all kinds (food-related or toy-related), and likes to go for rides in the car. She is a very sensitive, happy dog, love just pours out of her. We have not seen her interact with small children, so we’re not sure how she would do with little kids. She can get over-excited when we come home or have company, but she settles down when redirected with patience and kindness. She sometimes gets nervous when meeting new people or dogs, but does very well when handled with love and care. She has made many new friends since being in our home. We’ve been fostering Hailey since April 2023, and she’s done very well in our home, but she needs a forever home of her own. From our perspective, it seems she would do better with someone with dog experience who will continue to work with her and love her. She needs consistency and structure.

If interested, please contact the owner to request an adoption application which is separate from the Animal Friends application.

Owner contact: Zola Mulvaney at (412) 880-2393 or mdanzola@gmail.com

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