Home-to-Home Adoption Program: Jenkins

Jenkins is a sweet and loving 5-year-old boy who found his way to our front porch just as the winter months arrived. His fur was terribly matted, his leg was injured and in need of medical attention. We took him to the vet, continued a course of antibiotic treatment, and brought him back to his playful, loving self. His fur has begun to improve as well. He is so handsome with beautiful green eyes that sparkle brightly when treats are near. He will happily meow and purr when he sees you or when he gets extra ear scratches.

While he doesn’t enjoy being picked up very much, he will eagerly hop into your lap and enjoy all the attention he can get. Jenkins is a calm guy, content to play with a toy, curl up by your side or follow as you make your way around the house. We want Jenkins to find a home that loves him as much as we do. He is remarkably resilient and endlessly loving. He would be a wonderful addition to any home.

If you are interested in learning more about Jenkins, contact Jeremy at 412.736.3095 or c.e.mcpartland@gmail.com

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