Home-to-Home Adoption Program: Mamba

Mamba is a 4 1/2-year-old gray, orange and white female cat. She loves attention and will cry out to you from room to room. Mamba is searching for a home without other animals – she is a one pet kind of cat! She doesn’t seem to do well with change and embraces a regular schedule and routine. When her day-to-day schedule changes, Mamba tends to act out and has gone after other animals and sprayed when this occurs. She just needs a loving family who can give her a routine and plenty of attention – Mamba wants to be the center of your world!

Despite being set in her ways, Mamba is a very friendly cat! She doesn’t pass up treats, cuddles or lap sitting and will follow you anywhere you go. Mamba loves to play with toys and will spend hours rubbing herself against a post or toy that has been covered in cat nip!

Does this sweet girl sound like she could be a fit for your home? Contact Doug at 724.859.2938 if you have questions or would like to meet her?

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