Home-to-Home Adoption Program: Mr. Will

Mr. Will is the biggest mush this side of Texas and will steal your heart faster than a New York minute. But the good news is, he’s looking for his forever home right here in Pittsburgh, PA. Between his little meows, his constant desire for head and nose kisses and as if we even need to call attention to it—those cheeks. The cutest, chubbiest, chipmunkiest cheeks you’ve ever seen, will surely have you instantly smitten with this little gentleman. Mr. Will, Mr. Wilson or Willie, he answers to them all, would do best in a home with a feline companion. Olivia, who is also available for adoption through the Home-to-Home program, is his leading lady. They spent time together in their previous phase of life and clearly have a natural bond already. They would love it if they could find a home as a pair so they could continue to snuggle, groom each other and wrestle. At approximately two and a half years old, Mr. Will is full of play but he also enjoys his time gazing outside from the top of his climber where he takes in all the sights from the comfort and safety of the wild indoors.

If interested, contact Dena at 412.512.3563 or secondactcats@gmail.com

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