Home-to-Home Adoption Program: Nomi

Meet our wonderful girl Nomi. We have had Nomi for 5 years, since she was a baby. At the time, we were living in West Virginia and wanted some company out in the country. She had plenty of room to run and loved the freedom of it. We have since moved to Pittsburgh, 4 years now, she has been in and out of apartments and houses. She really is a great dog and with a person or family that is willing to put in the time. Super loyal with a lot of quirks. Loves her toys and running (preferably with friends). She is still good inside the house, very few accidents. Loves her bed but loves yours more. Loves kisses, a lot. We say “thank you” and she gives you both paws. If you have another dog and a fenced-in area, Nomi would be so happy. Just wants to get out more than we have been. Also a great dog for someone just looking for a companion, loves just hanging out with you. Comfy bed and she’s good to go.

If interested, contact Benjamin at jhwestvirginia@gmail.com or 774.245.3519.

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