Home-to-Home Adoption Program: Olivia

This angelic princess, Olivia, is going to make her new forever family very happy. She is sweet, gentle and as delicate as a rainbow. Olivia would do best in a home with a feline companion or her main squeeze, Mr. Will, who is also available for adoption through the Home-to-Home program. They spent time together in their previous phase of life and clearly have a natural bond already. They would love it if they could find a home as a pair so they could continue to snuggle, groom each other and wrestle. Olivia was previously a professional mother but is now enjoying being a kitten herself again. At about one year old, she is very passionate about play time. She likes wands with feathers, catnip mice, toys hidden under blankets, straws and just about anything that she can chase. Olivia loves to be near the people she learns to trust and really enjoys being pet and showered with attention. It won’t take long to notice that she’s also quite the little purr machine as she’ll likely be rubbing on your legs to get affection. The family lucky enough to have her as their companion, will quickly discover that the precious gifts she gives are truly as colorful as a rainbow.

If interested, contact Dena at 412.512.3563 or secondactcats@gmail.com


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