Home-to-Home Adoption Program: Ruby

Meet Ruby. She is an only child with a big personality. She’s always on the look-out for her next adventure which could include bolting up and down the stairs at mock speed, batting around toy mice, chasing balls and play wrestling with her mother and foster kitty friends. This little girl is always on the go but loves to snuggle up when she’s run herself ragged. She also loves to eat. Ruby is a big fan of both her wet and dry cat food and purrs her little heart out when she knows it’s time for her wet food breakfast and dinner. Although she’s bold and confident, she would do best in a home with another cat to buddy up with since she’s been around other kitties since birth. Ruby is currently living her best kitty life with her Mom, Willow, who is also looking for a new home. While Ruby and Willow would love to find a new home together, they may also be adopted individually as long as their new home has a cat friend for them! Ruby is a real special little girl and once your eyes connect with her Pittsburgh Steelers, gold-colored eyes, she’ll absolutely melt your beating heart.

If interested, contact Dena at 412.512.3563 or secondactcats@gmail.com.

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