Home-to-Home Adoption Program: Taffy and Pasquale

Taffy and Pasquale are a bonded pair looking for a home with room for two. Taffy is a domestic short hair orange tabby. She is very loving and always wants to be petted. Taffy loves to play with her toy mice and you’ll often find them scattered about. She is sensitive to loud noises and quick movements. They make her want to run but if you speak sweetly to her and tell her how pretty she is, she’ll come back to you. Pasquale is a black domestic short hair with yellow eyes. He is 14 years old, very docile and quiet. He’s friendly, but cautious at first, and loves to be petted and have his back and belly gently scratched. Pasquale also likes to be combed and will talk to you with his soft meow. They would prefer to go to an adult-only home.

If interested, contact Tom DeWorken at 412.860.8977 or Harley.dude@verizon.net.


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