Home-to-Home Adoption Program: Two Kittens!

These two lovable kittens were born to a feral mother in late May. In September, the brother/sister duo was trapped and taken to a clinic by a Good Samaritan so they could be spayed and neutered and receive their vaccines. The male kitten is gray with a white chest and white feet while his sister is brown and gray with black spots, a white chest and white toes. Both tested negative for FIV and feline leukemia and are growing more social with each passing day under the watchful eye of their foster guardian.

For now, they are affectionately called boy kitten and girl kitten by the Good Samaritan who rescued them – their new family will have the honor of giving them more permanent names! They are bonded to each other and must be adopted together. Since transitioning to life indoors, these two kittens have become much more calm and respond well to soft talking and even some gentle petting! The male is very curious and has started to enjoy the comforts of his soft bed and relying on people to take care of his food, water and litterbox. The female kitten is more shy and relies on her brother to help her find confidence – especially in new situations.

Their foster feels that they would be most comfortable in a patient and loving home without young children. They also have food, dishes, beds and a litterbox to help them settle into a home with their new family.

If you’re interested in meeting these sweet kittens, contact Mary at WagnersPA3@msn.com or 412.720.4301.

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