Johnny’s Stay at Animal Friends was Worth the Wait!

By Siri Espy, Animal Friends’ Communications Team

Older cats tend to wait in shelters while young cats and kittens more rapidly find homes. After some very hard times, striking, all-white Johnny’s luck turned, and he found he had a good supply of kitty karma going for him.

Johnny arrived at Animal Friends at age 13 when his owner surrendered him due to his chronic intestinal problems. After some testing, Animal Friends’ medical team discovered that the cause was the parasite coccidia, which is readily treatable with medication. This was Johnny’s first stroke of good luck.

His second lucky break came when a kind woman saw his photo online and was determined that he would not live out the rest of his life at a shelter. She inquired about adopting him, but was advised that he was still under medical treatment, and not yet ready for adoption. Johnny’s luck continued when a volunteer, a nurse, decided to foster him in her home while he finished receiving his medication. He did well, and with the help of a special diet designed to soothe his tummy, was soon able to return to Animal Friends.

As promised, his potential adopter, who had kept in touch regarding his progress, came in to adopt him the very day he moved into his cage on the adoption floor. She was beaming, delighted to finally meet the cat she had committed to upon first seeing him. Johnny’s biggest lucky break was celebrated by going home to live with a diehard animal lover, and several furry siblings.

Animal Friends is full of dogs, cats, and rabbits just waiting for the right person to turn their luck around. Could that be you?

Pet are priceless! Animal Friends is waiving our requested adoption donation for all pets aged 2 and up between November 25 and December 31!

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