One Adoption Counselor’s journey to Animal Friends

By Jill Harlan, Adoption Counselor

One cold evening in December, my husband and I were shopping for equipment for his aquarium at PetSmart. Well, rather, he was shopping for the equipment. I stood there with the patience of a toddler, itching to leave the fish aisle and look at something fun.

Finally, he suggested, “Honey, why don’t you look at the fuzzy things and I’ll come get you when I’m done.” Genius.

PetSmart partners with Animal Friends to showcase their adoptable cats, so I headed over to meet them. It was too late to visit the cats outside their cages, but one little brown tabby rubbed her side against the window while my hand touched the glass. The next day, I went back.

Never owning a cat, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But Lily knew what she wanted: A forever home with me. It was difficult to complete the adoption papers because she wanted so much of my attention. Animal Friends worked at a stellar pace, thanks to the diligent work of our Adoption Counselor, Beth. Before I knew it, Lily was a member of our family.

So, Lily decided to make me a cat person officially. I wish every person could experience the joy I feel with my little girl. That’s why I joined the team here at Animal Friends and became an Adoption Counselor!

It’s a fun experience to learn the personality of each animal – and there are hundreds of them – but I get to share those experiences with others who visit Animal Friends. The best moments are when an animal finds its future “BFF” and forever home.

Visit our website to meet adoptable animals. You might find your next companion!

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