Dear scouting leaders,

Thank you for your interest in having your scout troops participate in Animal Friends’ Humane Education programming.

My team of Humane Education Volunteers and I see over 9,000 students per year, and we appreciate the involvement of the many scouts who support our animals.

If you’d like to bring your scout group to Animal Friends, a reservation is required.

Due to the high demand for scout participation, we require that the scouts come to Animal Friends rather than us visiting scout meetings.

Please note that most of our tours, workshops, and presentations include chaperone limits. If your group of young Cub Scouts has a policy that necessitates bringing all scouts’ parents, our larger events will be a good fit for your group. Please click here to register for our children’s events.

We look forward to meeting your scouts!

Dana Schultz, M. Ed.
Education Coordinator
Work schedule: Tuesday – Saturday

How Scouts can participate at Animal Friends

  • Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award projects
  • Silver and Gold candidates, please email Dana to schedule a planning meeting before creating your proposal. Please note that we cannot advise any additional Gold Award candidates at this time. Silver Award candidates should request a planning meeting no later than 12 months prior to their project due date
  • Eagle Scout projects
  • Presentation and shelter tour for up to 30 scouts at a time
  • Scouts in grades 5-12 can add a 30-minute enrichment workshop to their scheduled tour. Our residents will enjoy the enrichment toys you make for them!
  • Donation drop-off appointments for groups of 12 or less
  • Attend special events for children
  • Scouts in grades 6-12 are invited to assist Animal Friends by co-hosting our special events for children. We will appreciate your troop sharing your leadership skills!
  • Earn badges 
    • Brownie “Pets” badge
    • Cadette “Animal Helper” badge
    • Due to limited staff availability, we will not be hosting Boy Scout “Dog Care” or “Pets” Merit Badge workshops during the 2018-2019 school year.


  • “Pets” Brownie workshop in Oct. and/or Nov. Reservations open in early August.
  • Events for children on in-services days. Reservations open in early August.
  • Presentations and shelter tours begin in November. Reservations open after Labor Day.
  • Donation drop-off appointments available by reservation for groups of 12 or less.


  • Events for children on in-service days. Reservations open in early December.
  • Presentations and shelter tours continue. (Reservations open the first weekday in December for January and February tours.)
  • Donation drop-off appointments available by reservation for groups of 12 or less.


  • One or two “Pets” Brownie workshops in March, April or May. Reservations open first weekday in February.
  • Cadette “Animal Helper” badge workshop. Reservations open the first weekday in February.
  • Remake Learning Days event in late spring – attend to make gifts for the animals. Reservations open in February or March.
  • Donation drop-off appointments available by reservation for groups of 12 or less.


  • Silver and Gold Award candidates may be working on projects.
  • Presentations and tours are available on select days in which our Summer Camp is not in session.