Patience Pays Off

By Alyse Kaminski, Adoption Counselor

Kiley’s time at Animal Friends was longer than most of our animal residents, but it was through no fault of her own. She and a group of dogs were rescued by our Humane Investigations team at the end of 2019.

While she was in our care, Kiley spent her days with a dedicated foster who gave her lots of love, treats and the chance to spend time in a happy home. Once Kiley was available for adoption, there was a lot of interest in her. How could anyone resist that face?

Kiley has quite a few allergies, not just to food, but to many common things in the world around her. She is on a strict feeding and medication regimen to keep her comfortable and itch-free. Within a week of being available for adoption, Kiley was introduced to a small family who already had a dog with skin issues. We were thrilled that they understood everything that she needed to thrive!

The meet and greet could not have gone more perfectly. The family’s dog Greta hit it off instantly with Kiley! As the two dogs sniffed and took to playing, the family fell in love with this new duo and took videos and pictures of them hanging out in one of our play yards. There was no doubt about it – Kiley was going to fit in great with her new family.

We recently checked in to see how everything is going. Needless to say, Kiley is living the good life in her new home and her adopters could not be more in love. She enjoys snuggling with Greta for a good nap and going for a walk with a nice break to roll around in the grass. They told us that Kiley is staying on her food regimen, but is also being introduced to the tastier foods in life that she can enjoy without worrying about a flare up. Some of her favorite snacks include frozen peas, fruits and vanilla ice cream!

Today, Kiley can be found lounging by her new family’s hot tub or at doggy day care working on her manners, agility and socialization. Kiley’s trainer is very impressed with her skills! We are so happy to know Kiley is finally living the life she deserves. It may have taken some time to get here, but we know the patience and dedication of everyone involved has truly paid off!

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