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Animal Friends for Life

Everyone needs help from time to time. We see it every day – especially in communities that are struggling economically. Animal Friends for Life is taking a hands-on approach in these neighborhoods by building relationships through positive and consistent door-to-door outreach in the community.

Together, we’re breaking down the barriers of affordability and accessibility of pet wellness services in underserved communities.

How It Works

With the help of an in-depth community assessment, we’ve chosen to target the Perry Hilltop and Observatory Hill neighborhoods of the North Side. By meeting pet owners at their homes, we can gain a better understanding of the challenges they’re facing. And, we can provide them with the resources and information they need to keep their beloved pets at home – happy and healthy – where they belong.

Through individualized support, Animal Friends for Life is providing access to free spay/neuter, nutritious food, information about behavior and medical issues and much more. Our goal is for every pet to have access to the care they need and for their owners to always know where to turn.

Compassionate Communities

We’re pleased to partner with municipalities that are committed to using humane options for animal issues facing their communities. By offering education, resources and affordable spay/neuter and Trap Neuter Vaccine Return (TNVR) services and discounts at our Retail Stores, we’re able to help even more pets and people in our area. Currently, we are partnering with Bellevue and Sharpsburg and we simply can’t wait to create new relationships with communities across the region.

Through trusted partnerships, we are able to expand our efforts and continue to build a more humane and compassionate region – one community at a time!

Get Involved

Contact our Animal Friends for Life team to learn how you can get involved.

Email   |  412.536.3885