Protecting Pets from the Summer Heat

Heading outside with your dog during the dog days of summer?

With many families enjoying outdoor adventures and exercise with their canine companions, we wanted to share some tips from our friends at the Humane Society of the United States and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and Conservation and Natural Resources on keeping your beloved pet safe and cool this summer season.

The Animals in Distress law (Act 104 of 2018) authorizes public safety professionals to remove dogs and cats from unattended motor vehicles when the animal is considered to be in imminent danger by any cause. For example, the law protects pets from suffering the effects of extreme temperatures (hot and cold), dehydration due to lack of water and collar or leash entanglement.

The Animals in Distress law gives law enforcement officers, animal control officers, humane police officers and emergency responders civil immunity from lawsuits if they must break into a vehicle to save a pet. Rescue officials must attempt to find the owner before breaking into a car, and they are required to leave a note explaining the situation.

Help more animals this summer by sharing this flyer.

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