Queen Caroline Finds Her Castle

white cat with green eyesCaroline is a sweet but sassy feline who first came to Animal Friends after her previous family could no longer give her the care she needed. When our staff and volunteers met this spirited little lady, they knew right away that she was going to need a very special home.

She may be small, but Caroline has a larger-than-life personality. Affectionately nicknamed “Queen Caroline” by her friends at Animal Friends, she certainly wasn’t shy about letting them know that she was in charge–and they loved her for it! Those who knew Caroline best during her time at Animal Friends were drawn to her strong-willed personality and she quickly became a local celebrity. After taking a few breaks from her kennel to spend the day with various staff members in their offices, Caroline traded in her cat condo on the Adoption Floor to take up a new residence roaming the halls of our Administrative Office. Queen Caroline was thriving in her new environment, but we never gave up the hope of finding a loving home she could call her own.

Caroline spent nearly 3 years at Animal Friends. Although we would receive the occasional phone call, email or visit from a potential adopter, this lovable and feisty girl continued to wait for the right person to come along. Then, one day, Caroline met Melissa.

Melissa had just begun her search for a kitty companion. “I’ve known about Animal Friends for a long time – since I was a little girl,” she recalls. “I knew I wanted to get a cat who was a little bit older since they don’t usually have the greatest chance at finding a home because everyone wants kittens. I looked through the online photos and instantly fell in love with her grumpy face and knew I had to take her home!”

Caroline had met her match in Melissa! She was very patient and gave Caroline time to adjust to her new surroundings on her own terms–just the way she likes it! Caroline had always been very particular when meeting new people and choosing her friends, but she quickly bonded with Melissa and settled into her new home. Now, Caroline rarely leaves her side, going everywhere she goes around the house and enjoying her favorite spot curled up in Melissa’s lap. Caroline loves lounging in the sun, getting pets from her favorite human and, most of all, treats!

Although she has found a lifelong friend in her adoptive mom, Caroline still likes to remind everyone that she is the boss in her own special way.

“I know she loves me, but I also know that she is very particular and has her own opinions about things. For instance, the other night she insisted on sleeping on my pillow and thwacking me in the head any time I moved even though she had the entire rest of the queen-sized bed to sleep on. But in the morning, she came up to me and kissed my nose.”

It may have taken her a while to find the right person, but now Caroline is happier than ever in her very own home. She has

always been a cat who is full of personality and has her own unique set of quirks. And, we know Melissa wouldn’t have it any other way.

Queen Caroline finally found her castle–and it was well worth the wait!

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