Returning Home

By Liz Moser, Community Resource Coordinator

At Animal Friends, we know that pets are family – they help us through difficult times and provide us with unconditional love. Because we believe so deeply in this, we will go to great lengths to ensure pets stay in loving homes where they belong. This was the case recently with a little boy and his best four-legged friend, a 2-year-old cat named Chip.

Due to unexpected circumstances, a child named Brandon entered the foster care system and moved in with a resource family who could not house his cat Chip. Brandon’s caseworkers, recognizing the deep bond the child had with his beloved pet, quickly provided a temporary home for Chip and contacted Animal Friends for support. Through this connection, we were able to arrange temporary emergency boarding for Chip, where he was lovingly cared for and treated for some minor medical issues by our dedicated staff. Chip stayed with us for a few weeks while Brandon’s caseworkers worked diligently to find a placement that would allow Brandon and Chip to live together once again.

Not long ago, Brandon and Chip were happily reunited thanks to the tireless efforts of Brandon’s case management team and Animal Friends staff. Brandon and Chip will always have our support to ensure that Chip can continue to remain a healthy companion to Brandon for many years to come.

Brandon and Chip’s bond demonstrates the importance of our work to keep pets with the people who love them. And no matter how far they may stray or for whatever reason, we will work tirelessly to guide them back home where they belong.

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