Thanksgiving Enriched Environment Trail and Activities

Since it was such a hit at Halloween, Animal Enrichment Specialist Suzanne was at it again for Thanksgiving with another great set of activities and opportunities to explore for our animals. 
First up were our feline residents!  Alphonso decided to go sailing in the Mayflower, finally realizing his dream of being a pilgrim. The Mayflower was a repurposed cardboard box with some catnip sprinkled in the bottom to entice the kitties to explore.
Alphonso then spent some quiet time in a teepee. We don’t think he learned how to grow maize but he certainly enjoyed his time relaxing.
Our bunny residents got cornhusk leaf piles and lettuce cornucopias to chew and play with over the holiday weekend. Trust us, they were extra thankful!
Our shelter dogs moved the activities outdoors, despite a wet weekend.  Dogs like discovering new things and using their noses. Adding something unexpected to their routine mentally stimulates them and builds a more confident pup. 

Pools full of colorful toy balls and hay were available for the dogs to roll and sniff around in. Buck and Cooper found these two activities to be quite fun!  (Fun fact: Buck found his forever home shortly after these photos were taken!)

Ringo took part in our version of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Passing the erratic, floating balloons builds confidence and provides an unusual visual experience for Ringo.
Daisy sniffs our gourd garland on the trail. She had a great time exploring and taking in all the sights and sniffs! 
As always, Animal Friends strives to take care of the whole animal – body and soul – while they are here with us. Enrichment activities that engage all of the animals’ senses are beneficial to their physical and behavioral health. The activities provide opportunities to think and to explore space – therefore providing a sense of control to shelter animals. More importantly, stimulating their brains reduces stress and is fun!
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