The Next Generation of Animal Lovers…What Can You Do Now to Help the Animals?

By Ann Ensminger, Sr. Director of Impact & Programs

There are many young people in the community who are inspired to help Animal Friends, and the dogs, cats and rabbits in our care. And, we are so grateful! Although many are too young to volunteer, there are still plenty of opportunities for even our youngest supporters to make an impact. We appreciate children and teens who love animals as much as we do want to help! If you know a child or teen who would like to get involved, please see below to learn more about how kids in our community can promote Animal Friends and provide support and resources for the care of our animal residents.

  • We gladly welcome monetary donations from children, teen and other youth groups! And, for every $75 raised, your group can have the opportunity to name a dog, cat or rabbit in our care. You can also fundraise as an individual, as a family or as a group!
  • We need help distributing issues of Petsburgh Magazine in our communities. Please ask for permission before leaving them with your local veterinarian, groomer, library or other business. Our magazine is published four times each year, and you can call 412.847.7000 to make arrangements to pick up a bundle in our lobby.
  • We love to see school or community food and supply drives organized by kids in the community for our animals. Please visit our website to see our current needs at or call to ask about any current special needs for our shelter residents. Please note that we cannot accept homemade treats.
  • You can also organize a school or community supply drive for our Chow Wagon Pet Food Bank. Our Chow Wagon provides assistance for community members and their pets and partners with dozens of food pantries and other social services. The Chow Wagon is in place to ensure that the pets in our neighborhoods do not have to miss a meal and helps owners afford to keep the pets in their homes.
  • For teens who may have social media accounts, please search for Animal Friends and share our updates, events and more.

We count on our youngest supporters just as much as we rely on large gifts from individuals or businesses. Every dollar counts, and every donated item makes the difference in the life of an animal. No supporter is too young, and no gift is too small.

We encourage supporters of all ages to spread the word about the work that Animal Friends does every day. Don’t underestimate the power of passion, word-of-mouth and sharing our stories. It does make a difference and you never know who may inspire to follow your lead!

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