The Only Bug You’ll Ever Need To Love – Bug The Cat!

Meet the only bug you will ever love!  Bug is a four-year-old cat who has been at Animal Friends since July 2013.  She was rescued during a Humane Investigation case involving an animal hoarder, which involved 25-40 animals living in unsanitary conditions.

As a result of her previous living situation, Bug arrived at Animal Friends a pretty fearful little girl who avoided handling.  She immediately entered a foster home and began to receive the love and attention that she needed.  Within a few weeks, Bug was making great progress.  She began waiting at the front of her crate for attention, instead of hiding at the back avoiding human contact, and was eagerly settling into a few laps for some snuggle time. 

Staff and volunteers work with Bug each week, and she continues to make wonderful progress.  She loves to play with her toy flying mouse and chase any laser pointer she can find.  Bug needs a patient owner who can further develop a growing bond of trust, while helping her leave her shy ways behind.  She is currently living with cats at Animal Friends, and she would be great in a multi-cat family.
Someone believes in Bug so much, her adoption has been sponsored! Come visit Bug today!
Ready to add some fur to your family tree? Check out our adoption guidelines here and then make a trip down to visit Bug. She’s waiting to meet you!

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