Therapets Request Form for Special Programs and Events

Thank you for requesting a pet therapy visit from Animal Friends Therapets for your special program or event!

An Animal Friends Therapet is an owned animal who has been trained, tested and certified by Animal Friends’ Therapets program to be able to consistently and safely provide comfort and affection to people other than their owners. For the distinctions between therapy animals, emotional support animals and service animals, please see our Therapeutic Animal Distinction document.

If you are looking to request regular, ongoing visits from Animal Friends Therapets to your facility, please follow this link to our Therapets Request Form for Ongoing Visits.

We require at least two-weeks’ notice for a one-time special event, and one month’s notice for on-going programs that would prefer multiple visits over a short period of time. Please note that while we do our very best to fulfill requests, filling out this form does not guarantee a visit from Animal Friends Therapets to your program or event. Many Animal Friends Therapets are already visiting multiple locations, so it may take time for us to recruit a volunteer in your area who is a good match for your request.

Please contact our Therapeutic Programs Coordinator, Mandy Revak at 412.847.7026 or if you have any questions or encounter any difficulties filling out this form.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Note: Dependent upon volunteer availability.
Note: If multiple species selected, please understand that we cannot mix species during visits.
Please estimate a date if you are unsure.
If this information is not yet determined or you are unsure, please write “Unsure” in the box below so this information can be added at a later date.