Top Ten Reasons to Foster a Pet

By Eve Salimbene, Animal Behavior Technician

10. You want to help Animal Friends, but can’t make it here every day.
9. You can help an animal recover from illness or injury in a quiet home environment.
8. You can help an animal get adapted to home life, build its self-esteem, and give it a better chance of a successful adoption.
7. It gives you your pet fix, without the long-term commitment.
6. You get to evaluate the animals’ habits and behaviors, so the potential adopter has more information about the pet, thus making a better match.
5. It’s very rewarding to see the animals grow to trust and love again, due to your nurturing and training.
4. The animal gets a much-needed cage break from the hustle and bustle of the kennel.
3. Fostering provides much needed socialization for young animals.
2. “Changes in Latitude Changes in Attitude!” You can observe the differences in the animal when not in a shelter setting.
1. FOSO. Foster One, Save One. When animals are placed in foster, shelter cage space is opened up for us to rescue more animals.
We appreciate those who selflessly open their hearts and homes to animals who need them. Fostering is an important job and Animal Friends could not save as many lives without kind foster parents!

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