Updates: Whitehall Rescue

On Wednesday, May 26, our Humane Investigations team removed 47 dogs from a single residence in Whitehall Borough after serving a search warrant. The dogs were transported back to Animal Friends to begin receiving the care they so desperately needed. Sadly, one of the dogs was suffering from severe heart complications and respiratory failure and we had to say goodbye.

The 46 dogs who remain in our care will be undergoing medical exams, treatment, spay/neuter surgeries and ongoing daily behavior and wellness care. As the dogs’ medical needs are addressed, our Behavior team will begin socializing and getting to know their unique personalities to determine the best type of home for each of the dogs.

The road to recovery for some of the dogs from our Whitehall Rescue will be longer than others, but they will each be posted to our Adoptable Dogs page as soon as they are available to be adopted.

Right now, your support is critical to help Animal Friends provide care for this large group of dogs and get each of them on their way to enjoying the lifesaving second chance that every dog deserves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these dogs available for adoption?
The dogs from this rescue are currently undergoing medical exams and treatment, spay/neuter surgeries and behavioral evaluations in addition to their ongoing daily care. If you are interested in adopting, keep an eye on our Adoptable Dogs webpage – they will be posted individually as they become available for adoption.

What can I do to help these dogs?
At this time, we are working to treat medical conditions ranging from minor to more severe. The best way to support their care is through a monetary donation of any amount.

What supplies are needed?
As you can imagine, taking in 46 dogs at one time puts a tremendous stress on our stock of supplies. At this time, our greatest need is for wet dog food and small dog toys. You can drop off supplies at our campus on Camp Horne Road or purchase items from our Amazon Wish List.

What if I lost a dog who I believe could be part of this group?
Of the 46 dogs, only one was implanted with a microchip that was unregistered. And, very few of the dogs are spayed or neutered. We believe that the vast majority of the dogs were likely born in the house where the rescue took place. If you believe that your missing dog could be part of this group, please email photos and information to AdmissionsInfo@ThinkingOutsideTheCage.org.

Can I volunteer to foster one of these dogs?
We have received an overwhelming number of foster applications – thank you! At this time, we are not accepting new applications.

Will the previous owner of these dogs be charged with a crime?
Our Humane Investigations team is working tirelessly to investigate this case and determine what charges will be filed. This process is very important and can take days, weeks or months. Charges will be filed once all evidence is documented and pending the outcome of forensic medical exams of each of the 47 dogs removed from the home.