By Dr. Donald Consla, Lead Wellness Veterinarian

Shortly after Christmas 2021, Yinzer, an 11-month-old Boston Terrier, became ill. At the time, he was experiencing vomiting and diarrhea and began to lose a considerable amount of weight. Several different treatments were tried for Yinzer including special food and various medications to help control the vomiting and settle his stomach, but the illness continued. In January, Yinzer’s family brought him to our Animal Wellness Center to see what else could be done to help the young dog.

Based on his medical history and exam findings, an ultrasound of Yinzer’s abdomen was performed to determine the cause of his gastrointestinal issues. The ultrasound identified a solid object in his duodenum, the first portion of the small intestine, which was causing an obstruction. A gastrointestinal obstruction is often life threatening and requires emergency surgery.

Dr. Klingensmith and Dr. Zetwo with Yinzer

Yinzer’s family was devastated by the news and didn’t know how they would be able to afford the care their beloved dog desperately needed. Through a generous donation that had been made to our Save My Pet Fund, we were able to perform the surgery at our Animal Wellness Center. Dr. Zetwo and Dr. Klingensmith of our surgical team offered to perform the lifesaving procedure. During surgery, they removed the foreign body which turned out to be a ball of cotton material and identified several areas of the small intestine where perforations had occurred previously. They carefully repaired the damaged areas and stabilized Yinzer. Once he recovered from anesthesia, Yinzer was transferred to an overnight facility for monitoring before we could reunite him with his anxious family.

Yinzer’s family with Dr. Consla

We are happy to report that Yinzer has since made a full recovery, gained back the weight he had lost and was recently neutered at our Animal Wellness Center!

Stories like Yinzer’s are only possible because of lifesaving donations to our Save My Pet Fund. If you would like to help more pets and people like Yinzer and his family, visit ThinkingOutsideTheCage.org/SaveMyPetFund.

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