Kennel Sponsorship

Year-long sponsorships are available for dog, cat and rabbit kennels in our Caryl Gates Gluck Resource Center and Howard Ash Animal Wellness Center. Your meaningful, tax-deductible donation will underwrite the cost of care for the animals who are occupying that space.

Your sponsorship will be recognized with a message of your choice. Your message will be placed on the sponsored space and can be updated each year.

Caryl Gates Gluck Resource Center

Dog Suite Sponsorship | $1,000
Cat Condo Sponsorship | $500
Rabbit Residence Deluxe  | $500
Rabbit Residence Digital Plaque featured on Rabbit Room TV | $250

Howard Ash Animal Wellness Center

Dog Recovery | $750
Cat Recovery | $250

If you have questions or would prefer to reach someone by phone, please contact our Development team at 412.847.7051 or


  • Kennel sponsorships are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Animal Friends reserves the right to refuse any message that is discriminatory, derogatory or in any way deemed inappropriate for public view.