Does your dog love to run? Our large play yard with agility equipment is available for people and their pooches to enjoy some one-on-one, off-leash fun.

  • To keep our play yard safe, reservations are limited to two dogs per adult handler.
  • Maximum number of dogs per reservation is ten (10).
  • Each reservation is private – just you and your dog(s).
  • Please plan to complete your online reservation no later than 5:00 pm the day prior.

We request a $10 donation per dog, per half hour.  NOTE: if bringing more than one dog just add the additional fee in the “Make a one-time donation” box on your reservation form.

Play Yard Rules and Release/Waiver of Liability

Play Yard Rental Program Membership

Entitles member to twelve 1/2 hour sessions (ten 1/2 hour sessions retail value = $100 + 2 free).  

Membership fee = $100

Purchase a 2024 Membership

Gift Certificates Available!


Tue – Sun (closed on Mondays) | Summer Hours (Apr 2 – Sep 30) 6 a.m. – 8 p.m.*

*Weather dependent – the play yard will be closed in the event of heavy rain, thunder/lightning storms.

Sunday, April 21 – reservations closed

Mondays, play yard closed to public rentals

Tuesday, April 23   Reserve

Wednesday, April 24   Reserve

Thursday, April 25   Reserve

Friday, April 26   Reserve

Saturday, April 27   Reserve

Sunday, April 28   Reserve

Tue – Sun (closed Monday) | Winter Hours (Oct 1 – Dec 15) 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.*

*Weather dependent – the play yard will be closed in the event of snow/ice.

Any questions, please contact Donna at

While on campus, please refrain from using our walking trails as they are designated for our staff/volunteers and canine shelter residents ONLY – thank you for your cooperation!