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To Report Animal Cruelty

If you have witnessed animal cruelty in Allegheny County, contact our Humane Investigations team to give your eyewitness report.

Please note that we do not currently have a Humane Society Police Officer on staff. While we are unable to investigate reports at this time, our Humane Investigations team can provide you with information and resources and, if necessary, refer you to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Contact our Humane Investigations Team


Only those with firsthand knowledge should file a report. Hearsay and secondhand information cannot be investigated. To ensure your report is as helpful as possible:

  • Include an address or location, a detailed synopsis of the concern and a phone number where you can be reached.
  • Do not leave a message asking us to call you back for information.
  • Do not call multiple agencies with the same report.

Our Humane Investigations team responds to calls as quickly as possible – if your concern is urgent or life-threatening and requires an immediate response, please call 911 or contact your local police.

Humane Society Police Officers

Our Humane Investigations Department receives hundreds of complaints of suspected animal cruelty each year. Humane Society Police Officers (HSPOs) enforce animal cruelty laws under authority granted by state Statute 22 Pa.C.S.A. Chapter 37. This includes cases relating to animals who are victims of cruelty, neglect, dog fighting, abandonment and other mistreatment.  In Pennsylvania, HSPOs cannot offer legal advice and are not authorized to enforce laws concerning theft, custody conflicts, licensing, rabies vaccinations, dangerous dogs, bites, noise complaints, running-at-large issues or issues related to local ordinances.

Other Resources

Click here for a complete listing of all the laws regarding animal cruelty and a registry of Humane Police Officers and the counties they cover.

  • Humane Animal Rescue
    • Northside Shelter and Clinic | 412.321.4625
    • East End Animal Resource Center | 412.345.7300
  • Butler County Humane Society | 724.789.1150
  • Greene County Humane Society | 724.627.9988
  • Washington County Humane Society | 724.222.7387
  • Indiana County Humane Society | 724.465.3977
  • City of Pittsburgh Animal Control | 412.255.2036
  • Hoffman Animal Control | 724.468.5505
  • South Hills Cooperative Animal Control | 724.941.7500
  • State Dog Warden for Allegheny County | 412.418.2163
  • State Dog Warden for Westmoreland County | 724.496.9421
  • State Dog Warden for Other Counties | 724.832.1073
  • Homeless Cat Management Team | 412.321.4060
  • Rabbit Wranglers | 412.953.1770