Animal Friends cares for more than 250 animals on our campus at any given time. And, we rely on our dedicated and compassionate network of foster homes to help us provide rescue and rehabilitation to so many more.

By offering specialized and around-the-clock care that’s not possible in a shelter environment, our fosters enable us to expand our care beyond the walls of our facility and provide support to more animals in need.

Our foster families provide a wide variety of specialized support to the dogs, cats and rabbits who come to Animal Friends for their second chance. Foster opportunities include:

  • Pregnant mothers or mothers with babies
  • Bottle babies or orphaned babies
  • Medical care
  • Behavior training
  • Cage breaks
  • Kennel space
  • Hospice care

Ready to become a volunteer foster? All interested fosters must attend our Getting Started Orientation to become an official volunteer. Read our requirements and start your volunteer application here.

Become a Volunteer

Questions about fostering?

Email   |  412.847.7102


Fospice Sponsorship Program  

Animal Friends is pleased to offer a very special foster program specifically designed for our residents who would benefit from a hospice care setting.  Foster + Hospice = our “Fospice” program.  

We are proud to provide end-of-life care for many of our more senior or medically fragile residents, who may not have much time left to spend with us.  These animals may have incurable illnesses, life threatening conditions or may be suffering from age-related issues that make it challenging to find them adoptive homes. Instead, our Foster Department matches them with “fospice families” who are able to provide our animals with all of the love and care they deserve, without worrying about the cost of their care. While fostering is usually considered a short-term commitment, these residents become almost “permanent” additions to their new households, under the direct care of Animal Friends, and are able to spend their golden years receiving high quality care.  

We hope that you will consider sponsoring the care of our hospice residents. If you are interested in learning more about our current hospice residents, please check out our amazing animals in Fospice care!

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