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Progressive spay/neuter programming is at the forefront of our mission because unnecessarily euthanizing pets can never be the solution to the pet overpopulation crisis in our region. Not only are spay and neuter the only ways to compassionately and proactively end this problem – they also keep your beloved pets healthier and happier.

Schedule Your Spay/Neuter Appointment

Our Clinic Services team typically books spay/neuter appointments roughly one month in advance. Since we receive a high volume of calls, we appreciate your patience as we respond to each message in the order we receive them.

Email   |  412.847.7004

Pricing Information


Female | $50
Male | $40

Feral/Outdoor Cat* | $50
Includes vaccines, parasite treatment and mandatory ear tip.


Female | $85
Male | $70
Project Pit Bull | $45
Male or female bully breeds. Includes $5 fee for pain medication.

Participating Veterinary Practices City of Pittsburgh Spay/Neuter Program