Enrichment creates an opportunity for pets to use their mind and body in a fun, new or exciting way. These activities engage their senses and reduce stress, redirect extra energy, relieve boredom and add to their overall quality of life. Providing an environment that is varied allows your animals to think and explore in their own home, which benefits both their mental and physical health.

What is Enrichment?

The residents at Animal Friends benefit from daily enrichment and your animals at home will, too! Rabbits may enjoy a sandbox, mirrors, tunnels or an egg carton stuffed with hay. Cats take pleasure in a scratching board, milk jug rings or a fringed toilet paper tube. Dogs love a good chew toy, a daily stuffed KONG, ice cubes or even some bubbles!

There are so many activities you can do at home with your pets. Here are a few ideas from our Enrichment team to get you started.

Cat Enrichment Dog Enrichment Rabbit Enrichment