Save My Pet Fund

Dr. Ingrid Naugle

We are sad to share the news that Dr. Ingrid Naugle, retired physician and lifelong animal lover, passed away on Friday, April 19, 2024.  

Dr. Naugle always had animals in her life and knew the joy they bring and the lessons they can teach. Her daughter, Iris, was so influenced by the animals in their home that she pursued a career in veterinary medicine. Sadly, Iris passed away unexpectedly before realizing her dream but her mother continued to support local animal welfare organizations throughout her life.  

After witnessing a woman at a local vet office upset and crying because she had to say goodbye to her beloved dog as she could no longer afford his medication, Dr. Naugle decided she needed to do something. 


And this is how the Save My Pet Fund was established. Through the generosity of Dr. Naugle, born out of the desperation of a grief-stricken pet owner and inspired by her daughter, this fund will serve as a lifeline for qualified clients at Animal Friends’ Howard Ash Animal Wellness Center who need additional, lifesaving care for their pet.

Dr. Naugle’s wish was for those who have the ability to cover their own pet’s health and wellness needs to join her in ensuring that no one has to make the heartbreaking decision to say goodbye to their beloved pets due to their financial situation.

Please give generously in memory of Dr. Naugle and her daughter, Iris.