Homeless animals come to Animal Friends from a variety of backgrounds and in all medical conditions, shapes, sizes, breeds and ages. We never know which homeless animal will be “knocking at our door” next, but it’s our goal to admit and place as many homeless animals as possible while adhering to our no-kill tradition.

In keeping with our no-kill mission, Animal Friends does not euthanize animals in order to provide kennel space. Therefore, all animals are admitted on a scheduled basis. We receive almost 300 requests every week from pet owners who wish to relinquish their pets to us.

If you find that you need to surrender a pet, we ask that you fill out an admissions application. Click the following links to download an admissions form.

Dog Admissions Form                   Cat Admissions Form             Rabbit Admissions Form

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What Happens Next

After you submit your appliction, our Admissions Team Leader reviews the application and schedules an appointment. During the appointment, we briefly evaluate the animal’s temperament and assess the animal’s reaction to people and to general handling. If we determine that the animal can be safely and appropriately temporarily housed at Animal Friends, we admit the animal.

Once admitted, animals are either housed in our holding kennels or in a foster home. Animal Friends can comfortably house 250 animals on-site at any given time, but we also heavily rely on foster guardians who open up their homes to animals in need of food, shelter, hugs, and kisses while waiting for their adopters. 

All of the animals in our care are vaccinated, examined, spayed or neutered, and are behaviorally evaluated to determine the type of home environment that would best suit them. Then, it’s off to the adoption area they go to work with our adoption counselors to find a new family. Regardless of background, medical condition, shape, size, breed or age, there’s no place like home! 

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