Yana’s “Special” Felines Fund

Yana’s “Special” Felines Fund was started by Carol Meal to honor her beloved cat Yana. By identifying a small group of adoptable cats who are having a difficult time finding a home, Yana’s “Special” Felines Fund will help to eliminate some of the financial barriers that may prevent families from taking in cats who are elderly, medically or behaviorally challenged or just those who are simply struggling with being displaced from their home.

Carol and Yana’s Story

Carol Meal

Carol Meal’s love of animals started at a very young age. As she grew up, her passion for helping animals in need only grew stronger. When she retired in 2017, Carol quickly realized that she needed the companionship of a cat in her life. She went to a local animal shelter where she met Yana, a very special 13-year-old cat. Yana had been surrendered to the shelter several times – once after the kids in her home developed allergies, another time because her owner had to move into a nursing home. Carol was saddened by the thought that Yana’s chances of adoption at her age would be difficult, so she decided to take her home.


Through her experience with Yana, Carol has learned that there is more she can do to help cats who need extra help to find loving families. So, she began working with our team at Animal Friends to create Yana’s “Special” Felines Fund – a new program that will help to underwrite the costs associated with adopting and caring for cats who have special needs.

Meet Yana’s ”Special” Felines:

To help these special cats find the right families, their requested adoption donations have been underwritten and each of them will be sent home with an individualized starter kit of supplies and other support based on their unique needs.


7 years old

Dan Levy

4 years old


5 years old


5 years old


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