Therapeutic Services 

Doctors are confirming what we at Animal Friends have known all along – that pets are a prescription for lives better lived. A growing body of evidence supports the benefits of interactions with animals, including decreased blood pressure, reduced stress and accelerated recovery rates from injuries. Animal Friends serves our community through a variety of programs and events celebrating the joy pets bring to our lives.



Our largest therapeutic program is Animal Friends Therapets. This nationally-recognized program trains and certifies pet therapy teams. Therapets then pairs these volunteer teams with a wide-array of facilities and special events throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania. Our volunteers visit hospitals, residential care facilities, college campuses and more to provide animal companionship to those in need. Click here for more information about Animal Friends Therapets!

Don't forget! Our United Way code for our Therapets program is 374.


Animal Afternoons

In addition to our work in the community, we also host a number of events on-site at our beautiful Animal Friends Caryl Gates Gluck Resource Center. The most popular on-site occasion is called an ‘Animal Afternoon’. We welcome guests from local senior communities, mental health facilities, life skills classrooms, and more to attend a relaxing and enriching visit with us. These events offer an opportunity for groups of visitors to interact with one of our therapy animals, enjoy light refreshments and go on a guided tour of our facility. To schedule an Animal Afternoon for your group, please call 412.847.7081.


Pet Loss Support

Here at Animal Friends we are all pet lovers. We recognize that in addition to experiencing the unconditional love of our furry friends, we also experience profound grief when they pass away. For this reason, Animal Friends is honored to provide pet loss support programs to grieving pet owners in our community. Please click here to learn more about our Pet Loss Support Group and our monthly Candlelight Remembrance Service.

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