Caryl Gates Gluck was an extraordinary woman, the "ultimate in perfection." Strong and bright, thoughtful and fiercely compassionate. Caryl stood up for what was just and right for both people and animals. Her love of animals, especially her dachsund Hilda, was surpassed only by her belief that as a community we needed to better serve our animals in need. It was Caryl’s action more than fifty years ago that assured the organization’s existence then in critical states. Since then, her memory spurred support of various programs including a vital renovation project. Ultimately, Caryl’s memory was the essential impetus of the vision and creation of this resource Center which is unsurpassed in the United States.

May Caryl’s compassionate spirit and tireless strength forever guide the hearts and hands of those who work and volunteer here, and touch, nurture and heal all who enter the doors of our facility.

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Our Namesake: The Caryl Gates Gluck Resource Center

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Caryl Gates Gluck Resource Center
562 Camp Horne Road | Pittsburgh, PA 15237
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