Did you know that you can purchase items from our Retail Store as gifts for the dogs, cats and rabbits at Animal Friends? It's a great way to help us show them how much they are loved. Plus all proceeds benefit our shelter residents, so your donation will go even further!



Our canine residents have quite the appetites! You can help us keep them well fed by donating a bag or two of nutritious dog food.

Treats are more than just snacks for dogs! They help us teach our canine residents good manners through positive reinforcement. A good dog is an adoptable dog!

Every dog deserves playtime! We keep our pups' bodies and minds busy with Kongs, Jolly Eggs, Nylabones, puzzle toys, Bristle Bones and more.




At any given time, we have more than 200 feline residents at our Resource Center and the means we need plenty of food!

Playtime is important for kitties! Feather toys, stuffed mice, bell balls, crinkle balls and catnip toys are fun for them and put their brains to work.



Our rabbits need plenty of hay! Timothy hay promotes gastrointestinal health and helps to wear down a rabbit's ever-growing teeth. In fact, Timothy hay makes up about 80% of our rabbits' diets - that's equal to a ball of hay the size of their body each day.

Bunnies just want to have fun! Our rabbit residents love to stay busy with toss toys, timothy twists and soft wooden chew toys.

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