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If you have found a pet:

1. Download this document (click here) and call the animal control facilities that service your neighborhood to see if anyone called looking for the animal.
2. Check with your local police department to see if anyone contacted them looking for the animal.
3. You can register an online found report here on this website.  Otherwise, register your found animal with Animal Friends' Lost and Found department by calling 412.847.7077.
4. Notify the other two local shelters, the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society at 412.321.4625 and the Animal Rescue League at 412.661.6452.
5. Be sure to let your neighbors and local vet offices know you found the animal.  It is also helpful to post fliers with a photo throughout your area.
6 Take the animal to a local veterinarian or animal shelter and ask them to scan the animal for a microchip.  (You may be able to find the owner more easily if there is a registered microchip.)
7 You can post a found report on  (Many lost pets have found their way home through this website.) You can also check the Lost Dogs Pittsburgh page on Facebook.
8 If you have your own personal accounts on Facebook and/or Twitter, post a found report there as well.
9 Notify your local mail carrier and crossing guards that you found an animal.  Inform anyone who is frequently in your area.  Show them a picture of the animal if at all possible.

10. Register the animal on or


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