More Pets to Alter

In Allegheny County alone, it is estimated that 20,000 animals are euthanized each year. And, yet local shelters remain overcrowded with unwanted animals, and communities continue to be frustrated by stray pets posing both health and safety concerns.

The need for affordable spay/neuter options is abundantly clear. Despite providing more than 10,000 high-quality, low-cost surgeries every year, our spay/neuter program struggles to keep up with the demand. Calls and requests for help keep phones ringing, voicemails full and email inboxes overflowing. Working out of a retrofitted space, our skilled surgical team safely and compassionately alters more than 6,000 dogs, cats and rabbits at our current facility. An additional 4,000 surgeries are completed through community veterinarians and our mobile clinic traveling to more than seven counties to assist rural shelters and desperate pet owners that have few other options.

With the proper facilities and expanded staffing, we could help thousands more pets and get closer to ending pet overpopulation.


Desperate Pet Owners

Jockeying for space in our busy center is a consistent problem and limits our public vaccine clinic offerings to just a few overbooked clinics each month. In addition to the space challenges, the logistics of managing these overflowing clinics are difficult in a space that was never designed to handle a concentrated influx of owned animals. The popularity of the vaccine clinics leaves anxious pets and owners queuing through the lobby and out of the front door, often hampering regular shelter operations.

With a new properly designed facility, our vaccine clinics could essentially double by providing 30,000 affordable vaccinations each year – which will keep pets healthy and compliant with the law.


Overflowing Spaces

As proud as we are of our successes, the resulting program expansions have taken their toll on our spaces. Single offices have become doubles, storage rooms have become animal holding and program spaces, and hallways now house excess inventory.

Additional space is desperately needed to ensure the effective operation of our programs and efficient organizational storage.

Learn about our solution.

With your support of our new Howard Ash Animal Wellness Center, together we can build a stronger and healthier community that will benefit both pets and people.

The Challenges

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