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From our humble beginnings armed with nothing more than a rented room, file folders and individuals with a passion for saving lives, Animal Friends has led with a progressive and uncompromising vision. Our unwavering commitment to no-kill has been our trademark and unique brand as the organization, lean in finances but rich in dedication, has raised the bar for humane care and programming.

We continue to build upon that vision as we are now operating our new Howard Ash Animal Wellness Center on our 75-acre campus.

Our Howard Ash Animal Wellness Center will not simply be a building. It will be a region-wide commitment to put an end to the cost and suffering of pet overpopulation. It will be a center of compassionate support for pet owners who have the desire to keep their pets healthy and compliant with the law, but not the financial means to do so. Through a commitment to low-cost spay/neuter services and other wellness resources, it will improve our communities by supporting the mutually beneficial relationship we have with our pets.

Learn more about the challenges we’re facing and how our new Howard Ash Animal Wellness Center will serve as the solution.

For all people in our area, whether pet owners or not, our well-being is deeply intertwined with the lives of our animal companions. Helping and healing one will only strengthen the other.

With your support of our new Howard Ash Animal Wellness Center, together we can build a stronger and healthier community that will benefit the pets and people of our region.

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