10 Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat on Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Adoptable cat, Capellini.

Black Cat Appreciation Day is Wed., Aug. 17! To celebrate, we’re offering a one-day adoption special! Stop by Animal Friends on Wed., Aug. 17 to adopt one of our many beautiful black cats ages 2 and up and the requested donation will be discounted to just $25!

Read on for some serious (and not-so serious) reasons to adopt a black cat today!

10. You can’t tell if they’re dirty and their teeth always look white.
9. A black cat is a great accessory to any outfit they go with everything!
8. Dark colors are very slimming holding your black cat will make you look extra slender.
7. Save time on date night! You won’t need the lint brush on your little black dress.
6. Black cats are the best to play hide and seek with. The difficulty levels jumps up a few notches.
5. They have a “black belt” in cuddling.
4. In most cultures, a black cat in your home brings good luck!
3. They always win for best dressed.
2. They make you look beyond the surface to find true love and beauty.

But most importantly …

1. They are the least likely to be adopted from shelters and need your love the most!

You can celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day today and every day when you adopt a black cat. Click here to check out all of our adoptable black cats and come on down to Animal Friends to meet them. They’re ready to go home right … meow.

Adoptable kitten, Blanka

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