Adventures as a Foster Furmom: Part 2

By Volunteer (and foster mom): Susan Gottfried 
After a year of fostering kittens, the kids told me they wanted to foster some adult cats.
I tried to explain to them that it generally doesn’t work that way. That Chris Whyle, the foster coordinator, tells us what she needs. We don’t always get to pick and choose.
Karma bit me the day I was set to return our last foster kitten, in the form of an e-mail from Chris: they needed to empty some cages and make space to save more kitty lives. I e-mailed her immediately, letting her know I was bringing the kitten in and would be glad to help out.
That’s how we came to take home Zenji, a gorgeous buff-colored Persian. Rescued from a supposed breeder, he’s not a great example of a Persian, but as soon as Chris opened his cage door and he head-butted me and the kids, we knew he was the kitty we’d be taking home for awhile.

Zenji’s a fascinating guy. The shelter staff says he’s five, but he plays like a kitten. Once settled in the house and allowed to roam it freely, he’s been spotted galloping up and down my upstairs hallway, possibly for the sheer joy of it. He attacks feet and hands under bed covers, steals my Pink Pet eraser and bats it around the floor, and has even been known to swipe the toy right off the end of the wand it’s attached to.

That antic has caused some very shocked and confused kids around here, let me tell you.
It’s also caused some uproar and laughter as three humans have tried to dive under beds to retrieve that toy, only to have a mischievous Zenji take off for another bed in another bedroom, the bell on the end of the toy jingling away as if it’s taunting us.

The funny – and often frustrating – thing is that in most circumstances, Zenji runs, scared, when we walk into a room. Yet when he steals the green worm, look out. That fear disappears and it’s one big game – and the Z-man, as I call him, loves it. He’s a confident little scamp, and this is Zenji at his best.
I don’t know how long Zenji will be here with us. We’re coming up on the six-week mark and he’s happy with us, sure. But as with each foster we bring into our home, we’re eager for him to find his forever home and people who will love him and play with him… well, forever.

Zenji is still available for adoption! If your family would like to meet this character, please call our Adoption Department at 412.847.7002 to make an appointment.  He’d love to meet you!

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