Cat or Kitten? Things to consider before adopting this “Smitten Season”.

By Terry Kuehner

So you’re thinking about adopting a cat?  Wonderful! Now it’s time to ask yourself what type of cat would fit your lifestyle.  Do you want a kitten or an adult?  Do you prefer long-hair or short-hair?   Are you looking for a specific breed or have no preference?   A lot of people think “I’ll know him when I see him”.  Some think the cat will choose them.  Sometimes these things happen, but more often than not, people have preferences.

The first thing to know is that yes, there is a ‘kitten season’.  It’s Mother Nature’s way to make sure kittens survive.  If kittens were born in November, they wouldn’t survive the winter!   Shelters are usually overloaded with kittens starting late spring and into the summer. Kittens need to be old enough to be spayed or neutered to be available for adoption & that’s at approximately 3 months of age.  So if you’re looking for a kitten, summer is the time to visit your local shelters.

But is a kitten what you really want?  Sure, kittens are cute.  All baby animals are cute!  But just like a human toddler, they are curious 24 hours per day and can get into everything, including trouble.  Kittens like to climb drapes.  Kittens knock everything off your dresser at 3 a.m.  Kittens run down the steps between your legs trying to trip you.  (Yes, I’m convinced they do that on purpose to entertain themselves.)  Kittens can get bored easily and the best friend for a kitten is another kitten or one of those 2-legged youngsters.    But, if you’re a little long in the tooth, like this writer, do you have the energy for a kitten?  I know I don’t.

Perhaps then an adult cat might be the best for you.  If you live a quiet life and enjoy peace and quiet, adopting an adult cat might be the way to go.  I remember being 25 years old and all I wanted was a cat who would sit on my lap and purr and love me.  A slightly older cat, or a young adult, was what I was really looking for.  I wanted to come home from a long day at work, put up my feet and hold a purring cat. Now, at the end of my day, I still want to come in from a long day of playing in my garden, put up my feet and hold a purring cat.     

Maybe you’re one of the people whose middle name is ‘nurture’.  We have cats who, sadly, have physical disadvantages, whether it is FIV or just a sensitive stomach.  Some cats, like the ones with FIV, need some extra attention.  Some cats are on special diets.  If you’ve got the heart for one of those cats, please come in to meet them.  They’re the cats who live in cages the longest.  Each and every one of them will love you unconditionally. 

The rest is all dressing.   Long hair vs short hair?  The both make great companions.  Orange vs black?  They both make great terrific lap sitters.  Male vs female? They both make wonderful friends.

It’s summertime and Animal Friends has a shelter full of kittens and adult cats waiting for homes.  Think about what is best for your lifestyle before you make the decision.  We have all colors, hair lengths, sexes, ages & sizes  (ladies, think “shoe store’!) .  Come and walk around.  Look at all the cats.  They’ll be looking back.  Maybe you’ll know her when you see her or maybe he’ll pick you.  

During the entire month of June, Animal Friends is celebrating “Smitten Season”.  Take advantage of $10 neuter surgeries, shopping for you and your cat and most importantly, priceless cat adoptions!  Animal Friends is waiving the $75 adoption donation for all cats ages 2 and up! Come in and get smitten with our kittens!

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