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A Perfect Match: Adoption Counselors Help Families Find Their Perfect Companion

Jul 09 2012

By: Jill Harlan, Adoption Counselor One of our tasks here at Animal Friends is to ensure a clean living area for our dogs, cats and bunnies.  While assisting someone who was cleaning the rabbit habitats one day, I simply picked …

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The Eyes Have It: Special Needs Animals are Special Indeed

Jun 11 2012

By Jill Harlan, Adoption Counselor When I started working at Animal Friends, I confess that I didn’t immediately seek out the animals that are harder to adopt because of their age, or physical or medical challenges. I enjoyed spending time …

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Adopt A Pet. It’s Good For Your Health!

May 04 2012

By Jill Harlan, Adoption Counselor  We all love our animals and they love us back, but have you ever wondered why you feel so good hanging out with Fido in the dog park or cuddling with Fluffy on the couch?  …

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One Adoption Counselor’s journey to Animal Friends

Apr 13 2012

By Jill Harlan, Adoption Counselor One cold evening in December, my husband and I were shopping for equipment for his aquarium at PetSmart. Well, rather, he was shopping for the equipment. I stood there with the patience of a toddler, …

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