Animal Friends presents: Santa’s Little Helpers

Dec 06 2013

Animal Friends had a recent visit from Santa who stopped by for our annual pet photos.  During a break, Santa walked through the adoption floor and saw several wonderful dogs who have not yet found their forever homes.   Mistletoe (Glenda) …

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Pet Adoption is PRICELESS at Animal Friends Beginning Nov. 29!

Nov 27 2013

On what is traditionally known as the biggest shopping day of the year, Animal Friends invites you to do something that’s truly priceless. Don’t shop—adopt! at Animal Friends’ PRICELESS holiday adopt-a-thon beginning November 29. If you’ve been considering pet adoption, …

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PRICELESS Cat Adoptions at Animal Friends! June 1-30

May 31 2013

Animal Friends is celebrating Adopt a Cat Month with priceless cat adoptions and more!Look for feline festivities such as: Priceless cat adoptions! From June 1-30, cat adoption is priceless! Animal Friends will waive the $75 adoption donation for all cats …

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June is Smitten Season! Priceless Cat Adoptions and More!

May 31 2012

June 1 kicks off Smitten Season at Animal Friends! That means “priceless” cat adoptions, $10 neuter surgeries and shopping for cats and their people.Shelters face tough times this time of year…the dreaded “kitten season.” Kitten season is when the weather …

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This is the perfect week to adopt!

Dec 12 2011

Bebe, pictured above, needs a home! Guest Blogger: Siri Espy, Animal Friends’ Communications Team This is the perfect time to adopt – we’re coming up on the last weekend before Christmas! Animal Friends will be closed on the 24th and …

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Don’t Shop. Adopt! This Holiday Season, Pet Adoption is Priceless!

Nov 22 2011

From November 25 – December 31, Animal Friends will waive our donation request when you adopt a pet age 2 or older. Animal Friends knows that adopters have many choices when they look for a new pet. We firmly believe …

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3 Great Reasons to Adopt a Cat This Month

Nov 22 2011

By Siri Espy, Animal Friends’ Communications Team This fall, feline fanciers will find that Animal Friends can help you save in three ways! Adopting a cat as a snuggle buddy can lead to big savings on your heat bill! There’s …

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We don’t mean to be catty, but…

Nov 21 2011

By Siri Espy, Animal Friends’ Communications Team Her new hairstyle is such a hot mess!The music in this joint is so five minutes ago!Doesn’t he realize how tacky that comb-over looks? Sorry – we don’t mean to be catty, but …

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Animal Friends Waives Cat Adoption Donations in Emergency Adoption Effort

Nov 08 2011

Animal Friends is overwhelmed with homeless cats. We’re determined to do something about it. Recent large-scale rescues have left our shelter desperate for kennel space. Now, in an effort to find loving homes for cats and to empty cages for …

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It’s a Fiesta! Priceless Senior and Senior-ita Pet Adoptions

Oct 21 2011

It’s a fiesta! Animal Friends is celebrating November, National Adopt a Senior Pet Month, with priceless pet adoptions for seniors and senior-itas! Animal Friends is waiving adoption donations for all pets age 5 and up, Monday-Friday, November 1-30. Animal Friends …

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