For our homeless residents

  • Bags and cans of dog, cat or rabbit food
  • Old bath towels
  • Cat litter (any brand, clumping or non clumping)
  • Milkbone brand biscuits (puppy and small sizes)
  • Timothy hay for our rabbits (no carrots, please)
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For our Chow Wagon Pet Food Bank

Our Chow Wagon provides assistance for community members and their pets. This pet food bank currently partners with 29 food pantires and two Meals on Wheels groups. The Chow Wagon supplies pet food and treats to these groups on a monthly basis.

  • Small bags of dry dog, cat and rabbit food (any brand or flavor)
  • Dog, cat or rabbit treats (any brand or flavor)
  • Click here to support our Chow Wagon online!


  • All food and treats need to be in their original, unopened packages.
  • Animal Friends does not accept cat toys made from real rabbit fur.
  • We do not accept rawhide bones and chews that are not made in the USA.
  • No retractable leashes, please.
  • We do not collect bowls or collars, as we use specific types of each.
  • Because of an abundance of blankets and sheets, we are not in need of these items as donations at this time.

On behalf of the residents at Animal Friends, thank you for your donation!