Happy Tails: Kasper went home with our own Jeff!

By Jeff Geissler, Communications Assistant
It happened yet again.

This morning while heading to my office at Animal Friends I walked past the cat condos ready to say good morning to my early bright eyes.

One of them was gone.

But this time wasn’t not bittersweet, just very sweet.

The cat you remember as Kasper was not in his kennel, but rather at my home, probably rampaging through the house having a grand ole time. It’s only been a few days, but I can’t get over his lively spirit, ultra quirky personality, and charismatic charm. I love the pink-eared little fellow.

Speaking of ears, he is no longer Kasper. I felt a creature of his exotic looks and distinction needed a new name for his new life – a name to match his superior intellect and prominent ears.

Being the Science fiction nerd that I am, I went right to the top. He is now Spock. In case you aren’t familiar with this iconic sci-fi figure, Spock is both the science officer and first officer of the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek.

So to all those cared and loved Spock (Kasper) here at Animal Friends, we say “ Live Long and Prosper.”

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