How to Report Animal Cruelty Cases in Allegheny County and Beyond

With the recent drop in temperatures, Animal Friends’ Humane Investigators have been receiving lots of calls about animals being left outdoors in the inclement weather.  With temperatures as cold as we have had recently, it is important that animal companions have a warm and dry place to seek shelter or be brought inside. 

It is also important that these cases be reported through the correct channels so that these animals do not have to stay in the cold any longer than need be.  Please read below for information on how to report suspected animal cruelty. 

Eye-witnesses to animal cruelty can call complaints in to 412.847.7066 to reach Animal Friends’ Humane Officers.  Please do not Facebook or Tweet your complaint.  Calling is the only way to reach our Humane Officers.

If you witnessed animal cruelty in Allegheny County, leave a message explaining what you saw, the exact address, the neighborhood area, and your name and number, which will be kept confidential.  Animal Friends’ officers are on-duty Monday through Saturday, excluding holidays.  

To report after hours complaints or emergencies, call 9-1-1 or the police. Because humane officers have limited jurisdiction, you must call animal control to report dogs running loose, a dog bite, nuisance barking, or issues with stray animals.

Keep in mind that Animal Friends’ Humane Officers currently have jurisdiction only in Allegheny County.

If you are reporting an event that happened in a different county, please click here to be directed to the PA Department of Agriculture’s website to search and find the Humane Society Police Officer (HSPO) on file for that county.  Their contact information and the organization they are employed by will be shown.
If there are no HSPOs listed for the county, you can call the police (local or state) who cover the area where the cruelty was observed, because the police have the same legal authority to enforce the cruelty laws that HSPOs enforce (Title 18, Section 5511 of the PA Crimes Code). 

If you are calling about a cruelty case in Lawrence County, please visit this webpage.  Lawrence County’s Humane Officer is a police detective who has been assigned to handle animal cruelty cases.  You can also call their Animal Abuse Hotline at 855.870.8081.

In animal cruelty cases, especially when an animal has been left outside in inclement weather, time is crucial.  Please remember to use the correct channels to report suspected animal cruelty.

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