Mondays with Myrtle: The fifth in an occasional series

It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with Myrtle but today’s update comes straight from the cat’s mouth!  Myrtle (with the help of her foster mom Katie) wrote to us recently to update us on how she’s doing!

Hi everybody!   Just wanted to let you know how things are going!

I have been in my foster home for about 3 months now and things have really changed.  I am no longer in my “foster room” and I have free roam of the whole downstairs!  It was a little scary at first, but now I know every nook and cranny and it is nice to be able to neb around and go wherever I want.   My 2 favorite spots are the heating register (boy, it is cold in Pittsburgh!) and wherever my foster mom is. I like to follow her around and check out what is going on – and she always stops whatever she is doing to give me little head rubs and chin scratches.  It took me a while to realize that she wasn’t going to hurt me, but now I even let her kiss me on the forehead and I don’t squirm too much when she picks me up.  

I had a lot of brothers and sisters to get used to and at first I didn’t know what to think of them.  But now I know they are really pretty nice.  I like to watch them – especially crazy Whiskey – and I even let Ginseng share my heat register.

Even though I can’t hear my foster mom when she comes homes, everyone else can, and I just follow them and I greet her at the door every evening.  My belly tells me when it is time to eat in the morning and I am always waiting at the bottom of the steps for her to come down. My foster mom says I am one “Smart Little Squirt”.  At feeding time, I have my own special bowl and my own special spot in the kitchen with everyone else! My mom is always sneaking me extra food because she says I am still a “skinny minnie” and need to get a big fat belly like Mr. Simon Cat!  

So, everything is going great and I am getting braver every day! I can’t believe how much better things have gotten since I came to Animal Friends! The medical department is still keeping an eye on me to make sure I am doing okay – and even though I really don’t like going to visit them and give them a hard time, I feel very lucky to know that they love me and care about me.

Maybe I’ll have that big fat belly with my next update!
Thanks Myrtle (and Katie)!  We’ve very glad to hear you’re doing well and that you’re on your way to finding a forever home to call your own!

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