Our Literacy Services build confidence and promote a love of reading through the animal-human bond. By enjoying books that have been selected and approved by our Therapeutic Literacy Coordinator, students will learn about respecting companion animals while being encouraged to read.

All participating animals are certified for pet therapy through our Therapets program. Our handlers have completed state-required background clearances.

Reading with Rover

Shy or struggling readers in grades 1-3 can build their confidence by reading to a specially trained Therapets dog, cat, or rabbit! Reading with Rover provides a supportive and non-judgmental environment where reading is a fun and positive experience.

We partner with educators to provide Reading with Rover sessions during the school day and after school programs. Students are recommended by a teacher or reading specialist to participate in sessions where they can read aloud to a therapy animal during repeated visits.

Pet-Assisted Literacy Services

Readers of all ages and ability levels can participate in activities through our Pet-Assisted Literacy Services (PALS). These events and programs are less formal than Reading with Rover and sometimes take place outside of school at a library, community event or even on-site at Animal Friends.

PALS events typically feature an opportunity to meet one of our approved literacy animals and a literacy activity. Examples include enjoying a storytime session with the company of an animal or an opportunity to read a book aloud to a visiting animal. There is no requirement about repeated visits, but we can schedule more than once if desired.

For more information about Reading with Rover and PALS or to learn how you can get involved, contact our Literacy Services team.

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